Sunday, 7 May 2017

Faith Trail

Last week we went to different places of worship. These were the Mosque, the Mandir, the Gurdwara and the Cathedral.

First we had to cover our heads before we went inside the mosque and then we had to take our shoes off. We were very quiet to show respect. The mosque was huge inside. We didn’t expect there to be so many Qu’rans inside the prayer room. The outside of the building was green, white and brown. We thought it was beautiful. The carpet is designed with lots of different sections on as prayer mats. 

Next we went to the Mandir. Inside we saw lots of beautiful, golden statues. The statues were fragile so we weren’t allowed to touch them. There were three bells inside the Mandir for people to ring when they arrived and left to say hello and goodbye to God. Usually when people arrive to pray at the Mandir they bring an offering to leave there and then when they have finished praying they are given a sweet or some fruit as they leave.

After that we went to the Gurdwara. At the Gurdwara we were very lucky to taste some food. We tried roti and dahl, we thought it was scrumptious. All baptised Sikhs carry a small sword to show that they stand up for what they believe in. There was a continuous prayer being read for 48 hours whilst we were there and three Granthis were rotating their reading.

Lastly we went to Derby’s cathedral. The building is very tall and on the very top of it there was a lion. The cathedral is very grand. We went downstairs to St. Catherine’s Chapel, which was a plain room where people could go and pray quietly. There was a golden, brass eagle on the pulpit. Did you know that Ruby’s Great, Great, Great Grandfather was a blacksmith and helped to make the cathedral’s gates?

Our trip was really exciting –Maya.
It was an amazing trip – Phoebe
I thought it was the best trip ever – Ellora
I never knew much about Muslims before the trip – Navneet

I loved visiting the cathedral and going down into the chapel - Ruby

By year 2

Friday, 5 May 2017


This week we have made pizzas!

We received a message from Seek on Tuesday. In her message Seek told us she was in Italy. She left us a challenge to design and make our own pizzas. In groups of 3 we designed our own tasty pizza.

On Thursday we made our pizzas, we sprinkled on lots of delicious, colourful toppings. After we had all finished our scrumptious pizzas, Mrs Hughes and Mrs Mellors came to judge them. They chose the healthiest pizza and runner up from each class.

After we had found out the winners we all immediately ate up our amazing pizzas.

Love from,

Year 2 

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Indian Stick Insects

How excited we are about our new Indian stick insects!

On Friday Miss Knight introduced us to our new class pets. They are little, brown eggs in a safe cage. In a few weeks’ time they will hatch into little stick insects. We are looking forward to meeting them when they hatch.

These are some questions we are hoping to find out about our stick insects:

What day will the eggs hatch?

How big are they going to be?

Will they be camouflaged?

Will they be able to walk when they hatch out of their eggs soon?

What will they look like when they hatch?

Class 8

Friday, 10 February 2017

Internet Safety

This week we have been learning about Internet Safety. We have learned how to be safe on the internet. We shouldn't share our personal information like our phone numbers or addresses. We looked at lots of photographs and had to sort them into two group. 

Some photos had things that you could share on the internet ,like pets and food, and some photos had things that you shouldn't share on the internet, like door numbers and school badges.  We are now ready to teach our grown ups about safe things that they can share on the internet. 

By Leah in Class 7

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Pirate Day

Ahoy Mateys, 

Last Monday, it was Pirate Day. On pirate Day a pirate called Captain Samuel Swashbuckle came to visit us. During the day we sang lots of sea shanties, tried sword fighting and even walked the plank. How scary it was to walk the plank!

Captain Swashbuckle asked for our help. His treasure map was ruined by a cannon ball which meant he could not find his treasure. He asked us if we could make a new treasure map to find the treasure. After we finished the maps we went on a treasure hunt with Captain Swashbuckle. We found the glittery, golden coins in the sensory den. When we found the coins Captain Swashbuckle shared out the booty and we ate the delicious, milky chocolate coins. 

In the afternoon, we learnt about famous pirate flags and designed our own pirate flag. We drew skull and cross bones, hearts, swords and sand timers on our flags. Our terrifying, deadly flags are hanging in the classroom.

What a great day we had! We wish Captain Swashbuckle could come to school every day.  

From Class 8 (the most fearsome crew ever) 

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Pesky Pirates!

This half term our topic is Pesky Pirates. We are really excited about this, we like pirates! We are very excited about the pirate that is coming to visit Ridgeway on Monday. We hope he has a sword and shows us his weapons. We will be asking him some questions. Ruby would like to ask him "have you got any gold teeth?" and Bani will ask him "which other pirates do you like the most?"

We have already designed and named our very own pirate. We had names such as "One-eyed Bob", "Plank-tooth Dead" and "Captain Vampire". Our learning log task over the Christmas holidays was to find out more about pirates. Did you know pirates have lots of weapons, such as muskets, swords, guns and canons? Pirates managed to survive on the seas for a long time and some pirates still exist today. 

Over the next few weeks we will be writing part of a pirate story and using our DT skills to make part of the picture move with Mrs Hadfield. We have learned a pirate song, which you will hear in our class assembly on the 8th of February. We are very lucky to have Lauren and Paddy from DCFC to teach us dance in PE. We're really enjoying our pirate stories that Miss Bailey is reading to us. 

What a great topic this is!

By Class 9

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Tooth Science Experiment

We've received a letter from Elizabeth the local Tooth Fairy.  She told us that she was upset because she keeps finding black, dirty teeth under children's pillows. She wants us to help her to find out which drinks cause damage to our teeth.

So we've set up an experiment to try to find the answer. We've put 5 eggs in 5 different jars of drink to see what happens to the eggs. We chose eggs because the shells are like the enamel on our teeth. 

We are waiting now until next week to pour out the drinks to see what happens to the eggs. Then we will write her a letter to let her know.

By Class 7

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

When the Governors came to visit...

A few weeks ago on Friday we were very lucky to have two of our school governors come in to visit us. Navneet's mum and Reuben's dad both came in to answer some of our questions. Before they came we were unsure about what a governor's job is and what they do.

We asked lots of questions like "how did you become a governor?", "what other jobs do you do as well as being a governor?", "what is your hobby?" and "where do you work?"

We learnt that the governors work really hard as a team to make decisions about our school and to help Mrs Gray to run Ridgeway. Their favourite part of being a governor is getting to come into our school and see all of our brilliant learning. What an exciting day it was!

By class 9

An Olympian Visits!

On Monday we were extremely lucky to have a real-life Olympian in to visit us. Marcus Ellis won a men's doubles badminton bronze medal in Rio this summer with his partner Chris Langridge. Marcus came into our assembly and told us all about his career playing badminton. He has been playing since he was 6 years old!

Some people got to ask Marcus some questions. Thomas asked him "who is your badminton partner?" and Aasif asked him "how hard was it to play at the Olympics?" Josh asked him "how does it feel to be famous?"

Some of us were very lucky and got to hold the medal. It was very heavy! It was also smooth and shiny. Did you know a bronze medal is heavier than a gold medal?

We were very inspired by Marcus and his bronze medal. Some of us would like to win an Olympic medal in the future. Look out for us!

Teachers were looking for children to go to Head's Tea who were inspiring us. Miss Bailey chose Thomas because he is always trying his best and setting a good example to others.

By Class 9

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Victorian School Afternoon

What a fun week we've had!

This week we began learning about our new topic for this half term - 'Vile Victorians!' On Monday afternoon we came back in after dinner and went back in time. The classroom looked different because the tables were set out in rows and the boys sat on one side and the girls sat on the other. Miss Clifton and Miss Bailey were dressed in white shirts and long black skirts. We got to dress up too.

In Victorian times they did the 3 R's - reading, writing and arithmetic. We were given a different name like Florence, Fred and Eve. We wrote our new name on a slate with some chalk. It was very difficult to get our writing as fancy as they used to write. In arithmetic (maths) we used an abacus to add and take away.

Then we went outside to do drills. Miss Clifton said 'Attention' and we had to stand very smartly. We marched around the playground and had to listen carefully to her commands. We also looked at a cane, finger stocks and the dunce's hat. These were ways you could be punished if you weren't listening.

We had lots of fun but it was a bit scary because Victorian teachers are very strict! We were glad to go back to our normal classroom afterwards!

By Class 9

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Being Super Scientists in Year 2

So far we have done 3 fantastic scientific experiments. Last week we did one as a class. We wanted to find out what happened when mentos were put into coke. We predicted that the coke would explode and it did! The best part was watching and observing the coke fizz, bubble and pop out of the top of the bottle.

This week we changed the experiment to our very own. Some of us wanted to find out what happened when we put chewing gum into coke, others tested tic tacs and coke, polos and apple juice, Dr pepper and polos, fizzy orange and skittles and lots more. It was very exciting testing to see if our predictions were correct.

We loved becoming better scientists whilst having so much fun!

Written by Class 7

Friday, 16 September 2016

George's Marvellous Medicine

We're really enjoying our new start in year two and are starting to feel more settled in our new classroom. This half term we are learning about 'George's Marvellous Medicine'.  It's a really exciting, fun topic. We have nearly finished reading the whole story.

So far we have been learning about different techniques in art to create magical sparks to make our topic display look fantastic. We have written sentences using adjectives and conjunctions to describe Grandma and George. We learned a poem from the story and used instruments to add texture to our performances.

As it was Roald Dahl's 100th birthday celebrations we've learnt lots about him! Did you know that he used to be a fighter pilot? He also had a bad plane crash and was in hospital for 6 months! When he was growing up he went to a boys boarding school which was next to a chocolate factory. He used to get to test out the new chocolate and that's where he got his idea for his story 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'.

We can't wait to make revolting recipes and potions just like George. It's going to be fun, fun, fun! :) 

Written by Class 7  

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Welcome to Year 2!

Welcome back! 

We hope you all had a fantastic summer break and that the children are refreshed and ready for the new challenges of year 2.

Remember to check our blogs regularly to gain an insight into your child's learning in school. All three year two classes will contribute to the blog on a tri-weekly basis. Should you need to contact us, please do not hesitate to speak to us on our class doors at the end of the day or email us on the addresses below. 

We look forward to the exciting year ahead of us! 

Miss Coburn (, Miss Knight ( and Miss Bailey (